Recycled Rubber

Made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled polyester reduces waste and reduces carbon emissions by approximately 30% compared to standard rubber. Since 2019, Squamate has diverted more than 7 tones of plastic bottles from landfills.

Recycled Cotton

Our goal is to use 100% recycled cotton by 2025. That means using certified organic, recycled and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) licensed cotton. These materials use less water and fewer chemicals, improve farming practices and provide the same or better quality than conventionally grown cotton.

Reuse your shoe

Waste should not be wasted. Recycle your sneakers and transform them into Nike Grind material, used in performance products and sport surfaces.

Guiding the future of design

Limited resources demand we rethink the ways in which we live. We envision a future where waste doesn’t exist, and materials can be used and reused to their highest potential—that’s why we created a Circular Design Guide.

Our partners
We join synergies with different companies from many different sectors that share our same philosophy. Some of them are:

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