Who we are

We noticed that in life, the things that we love the most are those that last longer. And because we are driven by sneakers, we said to ourselves: why don’t we make sneakers that really last? But making shoes that devastate the planet a little more: no thank you! So we chose to create high quality sneakers, designed from recyclable and low carbon impact materials. In short, handmade sneakers in Portugal because it is a country that we know very well, a country that we cherish. And god knows they cultivate a high quality know-how there. Ultimately, we wanted sneakers that respect the work of those who make them as well as the environment of those who wear them.

In the meantime we decided that the wear was ultimately just a manufacturing defect and that there were solutions to beat obsolescence. So we reviewed all our processes to create an infinite loop where the sneakers of tomorrow would be created from the sneakers of yesterday, a virtuous circle where we would restore each sneaker to be worn longer, a responsible cycle that would allow us to produce neither too much nor too little, but just enough. We created Squamate® with the sole conviction of providing you with a high-end product, at the best price, and for a long time.


Perpetual motion

We are on the side of the underdogs and all those who believe that if life is a game, we must change its rules.

We are entrepreneurs & idealists, within those who consider that good things shouldn’t always come to an end.

We are aware & optimistic and we will always be next to those giving themselves the means to face tomorrow in the eyes.

We are creative & daring, on the side of those who laugh at the "why" and challenge the world saying "why not?"

We are from those who believe that we do not put on our sneakers, but our sneakers put us on our path.

We are passionate & competitive, independent & open, small & determined. And we dedicate our shoes to those who will never stop going forward!



The very first Squamate® shoe was designed by our co-founder Aymeric Fernandes in 2019. The final version of this model will not be released until 2021. It is the result of 2 years of iterations in search of a balance between design, durability and comfort. And therefore, these are the only development criteria that matter to us. We want beautiful, quality products that make you feel good. Most importantly, we want to make them last. Our designers are quite stubborn when coming up with new ideas. They tend to imagine global experiences. As a result, each style designed is the product of our desire to awaken your senses and our obsession to offer you sneakers that you will wear for a long time.


Each pair of Squamate® is carefully handcrafted from the best materials by our team in Portugal. They are more than just our manufacturers, our production team works closely with our designers, helping them achieve perfection in every prototyping step until the final silhouette is mastered. We dedicate all of our energy to ensure that our design process creates the highest quality product possible. And, it is by relying on craftsmanship and innovative materials that we fulfill our desire to create ever more sustainable sneakers.


For your products

How to take care of your Squamates?

We use high quality materials and all of our sneakers are handcrafted. To ensure that these items last as long as possible, we recommend that you take good care of them.

When it comes to caring for your sneakers, we understand that keeping them in good condition is not always an easy task. If you are unsure about the best way to take care of your Squamate® products, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, we will be happy to advise you. You can also take a look at the specific care tips for each pair of Squamate® on the product sheet of your item.

Natural Protector
Natural Protector

Natural Protector

Pure Cleanser
Pure Cleanser

Pure Cleanser


Circular economy, people and materials

LAB® X Co-Creation

Design, quality, durability, comfort, style, recyclability,…? The Lab® is our team of designers responsible for identifying all the components of the Squamate® equation, and finding solutions to solve it. But at first glance, it was too easy, so we are also giving you a voice: the opportunity to participate in the development of Squamate® products. This is the opportunity for you to fulfill your desires and for us to be sure not to make sneakers that nobody wants.

ATELIER® X Low Impact

Let’s be transparent. We are not selling you a “green” product. All the efforts we put into bringing you low-carbon sneakers result in a less "brown", less harmful product. The reason we use recycled and biodegradable materials is that their use limits the use of new resources and limits the generation of new waste, but they alone are not the solution. Our vision of sustainability lies in the combination of these specific processes and materials with our desire to provide you with sneakers for life. We bet on our ability to create the most sustainable products to reduce the need to constantly renew increasingly obsolete sneakers. This is the reason why our products are handmade: we bet on the artisanal know-how (almost ancestral) of our manufacturers to guarantee the durability of your products of tomorrow.

STORE® X Presales

We are digital natives. The entire Squamate® model relies on digital technologies to optimize our distribution channels and provide you with the best quality at the best price. It is with this in mind that we also offer a presales model. We are aware that quality and responsible products are perceived as expensive. What if we were able to bluff you? It is also a way for us to control our production, in order to be sure that we are not producing too much or too little, but just the right quantity.

RECOVER® X Laws of time

What if we could defy the laws of time? Recover® is Squamate®'s answer to the need to fight against the obsolescence of our products. This is the program that concentrates all the actions that we are putting in place to push back the deadline until, it will be necessary to accept it, you will pronounce the following words: "Peace to my Squamates!".