Making of Zenith, a progressive step

We’ve all heard about the horrendous effects that the mass production of clothes has on the environment: it produces 1.2 tonnes greenhouse gas emissions a year, cotton farming is responsible for 24% of the world’s synthetic pesticides and that’s not even mentioning all the waste that gets dumped into our rivers and oceans.

We are aware that the fashion industry needs to change, but we also know what this implies. Big brands evolve towards more sustainable processes more slowly, since their manufacturing volumes are very high. On the other hand, new brands with a more agile reaction capacity become the first to renew obsolete and pollutive production processes.

Squamate incorporates the change of mentality in the brand's DNA. We work closely with our suppliers to create a high-quality collection with those materials that allow us to be sustainable within our real possibilities. We are aware that the change in such a giant industry is progressive.

The 'Terminal de Cruzeiros de Leixões', on the north coast of Porto, offered us everything we could need: multipurpose and modern spaces inside and an enclave located on a breakwater surrounded by nature.

You are ahead.

Zenith Collection